Pressure Analysis (not available yet)

What is podiatric in-shoe pressure analysis?

In-shoe pressure analysis using F-Scan technology may also be used within the biomechanical assessment, and this enables Katriona to accurately determine dynamic foot function within the shoe.

An ultra-thin flat insole with over 950 sensors is inserted into your shoes. This technology is wireless and therefore can be used in many different fields of sport or daily activities e.g. skiing, cycling, golf, running.  The pressure analysis system is used most often within the practice on a treadmill. It is crucial that this information is recorded during free dynamic movement and not over a small pressure plate, which changes your walking pattern/gait and therefore provides false information.

The system records dynamic, in-shoe pressure loading and timing patterns.  This information can influence treatments. In addition to helping assess the patho-mechanics of injuries, it also detects areas of high pressure and it is important to offload areas of high pressure within diabetic or rheumatoid feet. It also easily detects simple dynamic differences between the left and right side of your body.

Katriona has extensive experience in using in-shoe pressure analysis. She completed her master’s thesis using this equipment and has had her work published.