Insurance information

Most health insurance companies do not pay for podiatry treatments unless you have Diabetes. We, therefore, ask that you pay on the day of your appointment.  You will be provided with a receipt, which you can use to claim back any covered costs.

Costs and length of appointments


Musculoskeletal or sports injuries including video analysis 60 minutes 190 CHF
Musculoskeletal review appointment 30 minutes 80 CHF
Acupuncture appointment 15 minutes 35 CHF
Taping and padding appointment 20 minutes 40 CHF
Footcare e.g. in-growing toenails, hard skin and corns 60 – 30 minutes 120 – 90 CHF


Casting Appointments 20 minutes 90 CHF
Fitting Appointments 20 minutes 70 CHF
Orthotics 1st Pair   390 CHF
Orthotics 2nd Pair   350 CHF
Ritchie Brace   500-590 CHF
For Children under 15 years of age an outgrowth policy can be bought.